SEP 5, 2014

7 classic driving tips for foggy conditions

The last blog from Citroen Classics provided a few tips for driving a classic car in rainy weather. Suppose you were faced with a fog bank though, how would you handle this type of situation?

Hopefully you’ll never have to experience this unsettling scenario but just in case you do, here’s our suggestions to steer a clear way through.

1. Check weather conditions

It’s always best to check the weather conditions if there’s a chance of fog. Ask yourself, do you really need to make this journey and can the trip be postponed until the weather improves?

Obviously, this isn’t always practical and sometimes fog appears without warning as weather conditions deteriorate but try to check the weather just in case.    

2. Turn on front or rear fogs

As soon as visibility reduces turn on front and rear fog lights if they are fitted to your vehicle.

It’s a good idea to look for the fog lights on your car and learn how to use them before you are faced with foggy conditions.

3. Keep headlights dipped

Use headlights when visibility becomes poor as well. The Highway Code recommends turning on dipped headlights if you can’t see for more than 100 metres, this is about the length of an averaged sized football pitch.  

4. Leave plenty of room

Give yourself plenty of space to react in foggy conditions. As a guide the two-second rule should be adhered to at all times, however, you might want to leave even more room just be on the safe side.

5. Don’t rely on the car in front

People have a nasty habit of tailgating the car in front during foggy conditions. They are lulled into a false sense of security, they think the tail lights in front are a beacon, when in fact this could indicate you are driving too close and won’t have time to react.

Drop back a little to avoid this danger.

6. Listen out at junctions

Driving in foggy conditions on the motorway is frightening. It’s also confusing on quieter, side roads too.

Take extra care when you are pulling up to junctions in heavy fog. One tip is to wind down windows so you can listen for any traffic that might be approaching.

7. Remember to switch fog lights off

One last thing!

As soon as the fog clears remember to turn off rear fog lights, leave them on and they could dazzle other drivers or confuse them by thinking you are braking.

Driving in fog is pretty hairy at times, just take things easy and arrive safe and sound.   

Created on 5th September 2014
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