AUG 13, 2014

7 creative ways to scavenge parts for a classic car

One thing is for sure if you own a classic car, there’ll come a point in your vehicle’s life when it requires a little maintenance and this is normally the time when you need to source a few parts.

Depending on the vehicle you own this could be easy or it could prove to be a little tricky, some classics are easier to buy parts for than others.

Don’t worry though, we’ve been thinking about this at Citroen Classics and thought of these suggestions to help you out.  

1.  Visit car boot sales

A trip to a car boot sale might unlock a few gems. It could be worth making that early rise on a Sunday morning to scavenge a few parts. Don’t rely on this means though. You’ll be lucky if you find specific parts for your make and model of car.

 2.  Scour Jumble sales/market stalls

This is another popular place to pick up car parts. See if you can spot an automotive stall selling classic car parts, some traders specialise in this area.  

3.  Book tickets for classic car events

Where better to find classic car parts! Head to a classic car show and look for side stalls that sell automobilia. Choose an event that’s specific to your make of car and there are bound to be lots of parts for sale.

4.  Use online resources

Search for classic car parts from the comfort of your home. Auction sites such as eBay or private advertisement sites like Gumtree are a rich resource for classic car parts.  Plus there are plenty of classic car part suppliers that stock parts for specialist vehicles. They’re worth a look if you exhaust all other resources and you don’t even have to leave the house!

5.  Join classic car clubs

Become a member of a classic car club and you’ll be in touch with a wealth of other fellow enthusiasts and have direct access to a rich source of parts. Use your network of contacts to find the parts you need. Join a classic car club and unlock your parts-sourcing potential.

6.  Try the aftermarket sector

A number of aftermarket manufacturers make parts for classic vehicles. They might be retrofit spares but they’re handy to use if you are struggling to find authentic replacements, many aftermarket manufacturers make spares that match or exceed the standards of genuine parts  

7.  Send your car to a specialist garage

Of course, to save the hassle of sourcing classic car parts privately you could simply book the vehicle into a specialist garage like Citroen Classics. Let us take good care of your vehicle and at least this way you know your vehicle is in safe hands.

Created on 13th August 2014
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