JUL 7, 2014

Classic car insurance and the scams you have to avoid

Buy a classic car and you need insurance to drive it on the road, this will also cover you if the vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident.

Take out a policy and you expect the insurance company to provide a premium level of cover, they will do just as long as you are totally honest with the details from the start.

Under no circumstances try to scam your insurers or be a little ‘evasive’ with the truth, these classic mistakes should be avoided at all costs.

Not parking where you claim the car is parked

One of the questions your insurer is going to ask you when you ask for a quote is where do you keep the car at night? If you tell them the car is always parked in a garage and it subsequently turns out that you left it out on the open road this could render your insurance null and void if the vehicle is stolen.

Got a garage?

Use it!

Give your classic Citroen all the protection it needs.   

Exceeding the stated mileage

A good way to lower the cost of classic car insurance is to limit the mileage and agree this with the insurer.

Don’t try to be clever though. You can’t tell the insurance company you only cover 1,500 miles per annum then proceed to clock up 10,000 miles per year in the car, they’ll find out if you have an accident.

Insurance companies have ways and means of getting to the truth, their network of assessors and vehicle inspectors know how to check vehicles involved in claims and they’ll find you out if you tell them a pack of lies.  

Not declaring modifications

This is another classic car faux pas. You get a quote for insurance for a ‘standard’ car then proceed to add modifications that improve the performance or the handling of the vehicle.

Have a smash and those modifications are easy to spot, your claim will be dismissed without a second thought.   

Using the car for other purposes

Don’t use the car for weddings or private hire if the vehicle is only insured for pleasure purposes.  Insurers will check witness statements and it’ll be pretty obvious the car was being used for other purposes which could leave you in a rather tricky position.

Not having the driver on the policy

If you let other people drive your classic car make sure they are insured to use the vehicle.

Declare all named drivers when you take out the policy or better still, be selfish, this is your pride and joy, just get sole driver insurance and enjoy going for a spin when you like.     

Created on 7th July 2014
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