JUN 16, 2014

Common MOT failures you can avoid

Drive a classic Citroen made any time after 1960 and the vehicle requires an up-to-date MOT certificate if you plan on using the car on the public roads.

This annual test ensures the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition but you’d be amazed at the amount of vehicles that fail this test, for the most simplest of reasons.

To give your vehicle the best chances of passing the MOT at the first attempt ensure the following areas are addressed.  

  1. Tyres: Check the condition of the tyres on the vehicle including the spare. Look at the tread depth, check the outer wall of the tyre for signs of damage, ensure the tyre is road legal and free from any signs of undue wear and tear.
  2. Lights: Perform a visual check on the lights on the vehicle. Does the main beam, headlights and sidelights work okay, are the rear brake lights working as well? Get help with these checks if needs be. Sit in the car pressing the brake pedal and ask somebody to check behind to ensure the lights come on and go off accordingly.
  3. Brakes: Another common MOT failure is the braking system on the car. Okay, brakes on older vehicles might not be as responsive as modern braking systems but they need to be in full working order to pass the test.
  4. Suspension: Badly worn suspension on your vehicle is another ‘fail’ on the MOT test. Ensure your car’s suspension is in good working order before you take the vehicle to a garage, it’ll save time and wasted effort in the long run.
  5. Windscreen: Is your car’s windscreen in good condition? Can you spot any cracks in the screen, is the view from the driver’s seat obscured? Spot anything supsicious and there's a good chance the car will fail its test if you don't have the windscreen repaired or replaced.
  6. Exhaust: Broken silencers, holes in middle sections and blowing from the manifold are common faults with exhaust systems and they will prevent your car from being issued with an MOT. Give the exhaust the once-over before you take your car for an MOT, if the system looks rotten have it replaced.      


Simple checks before you take a classic Citroen for an MOT save time and money.

Good Luck!

Created on 16th June 2014
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