OCT 1, 2014

Fun facts about the 2CV

What do you know about the Citroen 2CV? Apart from being small, cute and a little bit cuddly, could you list any facts about this tiny but tough car?

We have a wealth of experience working on 2CVs at Citroen Classics and would heartedly recommend you drive this fun and remarkably nippy car if you haven’t already done so yet.

Brought to life after WWII the 2CV became an instant classic, it was built in France and originally designed to appeal to farmers, however this lightweight car soon became a hit with the French public who couldn’t resist it’s Gallic charms.

We tell you some of the weirder facts about this cheap to run and easy to repair car in our newest blog post. Keep reading and learn something new about the Deux Chevaux.

  • The name Deux Chevaux (2 horses) referred to the taxation class of the 2CV. This was always designed to be a ‘two tax horsepower’ car. Early examples built in 1948 actually produced 9hp which propelled the car to 60km/h, hardly hair-raising but fast enough!

  • Designers of the Citroen wanted it to be an ‘umbrella with four wheels’ which kind of sums the car up really. It was basic, a little bit rustic but it got you from A to B and kept you dry in the rain.

  • Early briefs for the concept of the car were simple. Basically it had to be large enough to carry four adults in comfort. What’s more, it had to be tall enough to take the front seat passengers to church on Sunday wearing their hats!  

  • The plucky 2CV was always designed to be an agricultural vehicle. It was made for farmers and had to be large enough and strong enough to carry a 50kg sack of potatoes.

  • Thanks to the unique suspension and handling of the Citroen it could also carry baskets of eggs across ploughed fields without breaking any of the shells.   

  •  Deux Chevauxs sipped fuel. Early examples used around 3 litres of fuel per 100kms which equates around 95 miles per gallon.

  • Just look at a 2CV and you want to give it a nickname.  Over the years there have been some memorable monikers for this cheeky little car. Tin snail, ugly ducking and deux pattes (two paws) are just some of the titles bestowed upon this classic car.

It’s not ugly... just sweet!

Hope you like these 2CV facts from Citroen Classics. We’re busy servicing and repairing different models of Deux Chevaux throughout the year. Just contact us for spares, workshop or bodyshop services, we’d love to help you keep that classic on the road!

Created on 1st October 2014
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