DEC 11, 2014

Gifts to buy a classic car fanatic this Christmas

We love the festive season at Citroen Classics. It’s the time of year to relax and enjoy special moments with friends and family. This can also be the season when you struggle for present ideas, especially if you have a hard-to-buy for member in your household.

Fans of classic cars should be easy to buy for though. There are tons of great gift ideas to give them at Christmas, for their birthday, or for any special moment throughout the year.

Some of these suggestions should start you off...

Driving gloves

It’s cold outside, there’s a distinctive nip in the air but that shouldn’t put you off driving a classic car. Don a pair of driving gloves and they’ll keep your hands protected in chilly conditions, especially if you drive a classic open-topped sports car.

Leather driving gloves look the part, especially when they have keyhole backs and knuckle holes. They’re traditional, feel good on and they’re very tasteful too.  Buy a pair and wrap them in seasonal paper. It’s the perfect gift to give to a car-mad person.

Winter car care pack

Do you know somebody that likes to drive their classic car no matter what the weather has in store? Fair play to them. Most owners like to garage their cherished vehicles over the winter and reintroduce them to the daylight once the spring arrives.

If your classic-loving pal uses their vehicle throughout the year why not buy them a winter car care pack? Fill it with essential items like screen wash, de-icer spray, a hand ice scraper and a chamois demister pad. They could always use this for their regular runabout if they prefer.

Classic car key ring

A special type of car deserves its own unique key ring and a personalised product is a great present for somebody you love. You could have the name of the vehicle’s owner etched into the key ring or choose something that represents the model manufacturer instead. Either option makes a good gift idea at Christmas.

Miniature replica 

Here’s another top gift idea for the festive season and it makes a brilliant birthday present too. Buy somebody you care about a miniature replica of their make and model of classic car. Watch as their face lights up when they remove the wrapping paper on a tiny 2CV.

Hope these suggestions have given you a few good ideas for Christmas gifts.

Whatever you do, have a happy and jolly time.   


Created on 11th December 2014
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