JUL 7, 2014

How to make cash from a classic car

Classic cars are in demand at the moment. There’s a whole legion of fans out there right now just dying to get up close to a classic car and this means tons of opportunities are available for you to make money from your motor.

Off the top of our head at Citroen Classics we can think of 6 really good ways to earn cash from a classic.  

1. Hire it out to a film or television company

Register your car with a classic car agency. Ask them to actively promote the services of your vehicle to television and film companies and see your car as a star on the silver screen.

Plenty of production companies are looking for vehicles to hire for period programmes, you never know, your DS could become a star within its own right.

2. Use it as a wedding car

Buy a white or a cream DS and hire it out as a quirky wedding car, it’ll look gorgeous decorated with ribbons.

Tie matching bows to the door handles and make a bride’s big day extra special, she’ll get tons of admiring glances as she purrs up to church.

3. Rent it out for promotions

Advertising agencies are always on the lookout for props to stage their promotions. Your car could draw crowds to a new store that’s being opened or it could be used as part of a photo shoot for a catalogue company.

4. Host private tours in it

Live near a tourist attraction? Give guided tours of the local area and whisk customers around in a classic Citroen. It’ll add to the experience and you’ll get paid for doing something you love, driving a classic car!  

5. Start your own classic car hire business

Why not hire your car out for the day or for a weekend? Classic car hire is growing in popularity and it’s very lucrative, you could easily make over £200 per day just renting out your vehicle.  

If you decide to take this option make sure you have the right level of insurance in place.

6.  Keep it then sell it later

Classic cars are an investment. Buy one, let the vehicle appreciate in value and sell it later on for a profit.

The value of your classic will only grow in time, so it really is a sound investment, just take care choosing the right car.  


See, there are loads of different ways to make money from a classic car, and best of all, you get to drive the vehicle whenever you have any spare time.

Happy motoring!

Created on 7th July 2014
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