NOV 5, 2013

How to prepare for a classic car show

Most classic car owners will agree that their vehicle is their pride and joy, so it’s no surprise that many like to show them off at classic car shows. These types of show occur up and down the country throughout the year so you’re never too far away from one. If you’ve chosen to attend a classic car show there are a few things worth doing before you attend:

  • Detailed cleaning: Car shows are all about the presentation so it’s really important to give your car a really good clean before the show. Start by giving your car a good wash with a suitable car shampoo, and don’t forget the inside of the car too! Vacuum the floor and seating to remove any dust and dirt that have gathered. Finish the exterior with wax or polish for extra shine.
  • Sparkling windows: Use a specialist window cleaning product and a soft, microfibre cloth to clean your car’s windows to a really good shine. Pay attention to any chrome work surrounding the windows too and be sure to give it a good polish.
  • Perfect tyres: Don’t let your tyres let your car down. Make sure that you have good quality, well inflated tyres on your car and be sure to clean them well before the show. If your tyres are looking a little dull and lacklustre try using rubber blackening products or even black boot polish to give them a nice rich colour and sheen.
  • Getting there: If the car show is quite a distance away you may not want to drive your car there for fear of hitting a pot hole and undoing all of your hard preparation work. A vehicle transportation company can help you to get your car there safely in time for the show while you travel down in your everyday run-around vehicle separately.
  • Insurance: Make sure you have the right level of insurance and that you can present proof of that insurance to the show’s organisers. In our current culture of compensation claims many organisers now insist that all exhibitors have their own public liability insurance cover in case anyone happens to injure themselves in some way by looking at your car.
  • What to take: Pack a small kit containing things like rags, window cleaner and polish for last minute touch-ups. You’ll also need some folding chairs so that you can sit down throughout the day, and a picnic hamper of delights to keep you fed and watered. It’s always advisable to pack a first aid kit and some sun protection cream, as well as a rain coat and umbrella to cope with the great British weather! Lastly, don’t forget your entry passes, directions to the show, and some cash for essentials.
Created on 5th November 2013
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