APR 23, 2014

Is this the ultimate Citroen collection?

As fans of classic Citroens we’re pretty potty about anything styled with Gallic charm, especially if the vehicle in question has a proven heritage and it looks good as well. So you can imagine our delight when we heard about the Citroen Conservatoire located in Aulnay-sous-Bois, just outside of Paris, this motoring mecca is packed with over 400 examples of Citroens which pay testament to the marque’s history.

This is the ultimate place to visit if you’re a fan of Citroens, we’re drooling at the prospect of visiting the largest collection of Citroen vehicles at some point in our lifetime and we reckon, if you feel the same about this majestic motoring marque you’ll be just as eager to witness this wonderful collection.

Here are some details to whet your appetite…

The main part of the Citroen Conservatoire resembles a giant metal hangar, it’s about the size of four football pitches and it’s packed with vehicles all neatly classified and parked in specialist sections.

To begin you can delight in savouring the sight of vehicles dating back from 1919 and move through the decades perusing vehicles right up to the 2000s. Then you move into specialist sections, there are themes including sports, adventure, commercial vehicles and concepts, curiosities and prototypes that never made it onto the public road.

As you might imagine, the condition of the vehicles contained within this collection is perfect and it’s the largest example of classic, concept and ultimately desirable Citroens you are likely to see. You’ll be seduced by the gorgeous, gleaming DS’s, there are fleets of 2CVs and you’ll even find the yellow version driven by Roger Moore as James Bond 007 in the flick For Your Eyes only, complete with fake bullet holes!

Trips to the Citroen Conservatoire can be organised under special conditions, if you are ever lucky enough to see this wonderful collection in person, please tell us about your experience, we’d love to hear all about it at Citroen Classics.

Created on 23rd April 2014
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