JUL 31, 2013

Maintaining Your Classic Car

Owning a classic car is a bit different to owning a modern vehicle that is used daily for commuting and shopping etc. A classic car is generally driven less often but enjoyed much more than any other car. Whatever type of classic car you own there are certain things that you can do in order to maintain its life and its appearance:

Keep it clean

The grit and salt used on roads to prevent snow and ice is a classic car’s worst enemy, as is bird faeces. If salt and grit gets into the undercarriage of your car it can start to erode the components. If bird faeces are left untouched they can begin to erode the paintwork on the body of your car. Here’s a quick guide on how to wash your classic car:

  • Wash by hand using a microfibre cloth and products specifically designed for use with automotivesas they are PH balanced and won’t strip off wax or damage the paintwork of your car.
  • Make sure you dry your vehicle properly after washing! A cotton cloth or chamois is ideal for drying your classic car with. If left un-dried water spots can form and can damage the paintwork over time.
  • After washing and drying your car the next, and most important, step is to apply wax. Applying wax to your car’s paintwork will help to protect it from damage caused by the elements.


Have it serviced regularly

Classic cars have different needs to modern cars and require a specialist mechanic who knows what they’re doing. It’s likely that your classic car will only be driven occasionally and may go for months over the winter not being driven at all so regular servicing is vital to keep it running effectively. It’s vital to make sure your classic car is always well lubricated to prevent things from tightening up. If you come to sell it in the future then a regularly serviced, well-maintained classic car will fetch much more money than a poorly maintained car that doesn’t run smoothly.

Drive it with care

Classic cars are not ideal if you want to drive fast as this puts undue strain on the engine and can cause damage that is expensive to repair. Make sure you drive your classic car with pride and treat it with respect to ensure that it keeps running well for as long as possible.

Created on 31st July 2013
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