FEB 18, 2014

Make your car a star

Where do you think TV producers and movie executives find classic vehicles for their period film and television programmes? Many turn to classic car agencies that have a number of clients on their system. Register your car at an agency and you could see it on the silver screen and make a few quid towards the upkeep at the same time. There are some points to muse if you decide on this approach for your beloved Citroen though, we’ve listed a few in this blog.

Pick a reputable agency – There are plenty of classic car agencies in the UK so take your time to find the right person to promote your car. See how long they have been established for, how good their reputation in the industry is and how successful they are at getting ‘work’ for your car.  The agency should work on your behalf, arrange all the administration and pay you well too.  Avoid agencies that have extortionate commission costs, they really are a waste of space.

Check for upfront costs – Some agencies charge you for registering your car, others simply work on a commission fee. Think carefully before you pay an agency to register your Citroen, this could be money down the drain. If they can’t get your car a television or film role you’ve paid them for nothing. Hopefully that won’t happen though, once the programme producers hear about your classic Citroen they’ll soon fall for its charms.  

Ask about insurance – Don’t take it as read your car will be insured for the shoot. Check with the agency you use. Insist on the full valuation of the car being covered as part of the production company’s insurance, this way if the lead role puts a dent in your DS you’ll be adequately compensated.

Be prepared for anyone to drive your car! Finally think about the mental torture of somebody else driving your beloved car. If you are happy for an actor to drive your classic Citroen and can bear the thought of them crunching the gears, hiring the car out for a TV or film shoot could be a lucrative way to keep the car on the road.   

Created on 18th February 2014
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