NOV 6, 2014

Our top 5 tyres tips for classic cars

Taking care of the tyres on your classic should be second nature. Along with all the other mechanical components, those rings of rubber should be examined on a routine basis.

Left unchecked those tyres could cause a few problems. A lack of grip is just one of the issues you might face and without grip your car could veer into a skid.

Caring for tyres isn’t difficult though. Follow some of these tips and your classic will stick to the road like glue!

1. Don’t mix tyres

Never mix treads on tyres, use the same type of tyres on the front and rear axles, any difference could affect the handling of the car.

Swap tyres around, using tread depths that are different on either side of the car, and this could make the car handle unpredictably, you might lose control under braking or when you are cornering.

2. Check the tread depth

Make sure the tyres meet the legal requirement. Currently, UK law states that tyres should have a minimum of 1.6mm tread across three-quarters of the width, any less than this and the tyre is illegal.

That’s just a guide though. Change the tyres before they get this low.  The more tread you have the more surefooted the car will be on the road. 

3. Replace worn rear tyres

Badly worn rear tyres cause unusual handling characteristics. They can cause a car to spin in wet weather, especially if you enter a bend carrying slightly too much speed. Pay careful attention to the grip levels on the rears, if they are worn more than the fronts now’s a good time to get them replaced.  

4. Look for bulges

Bulges in the sidewalls of tyres are a bad sign. This indicates signs of stress, the bulge is a weak spot in the tyre, left alone and the rubber might burst. Visually check your tyres for signs of blemishes. As well as looking for bulges you could also check for some of the following foreign objects.

  • Nails
  • Tacks
  • Splits
  • Shards of glass

5. Avoid kerbing tyres

One way to avoid bulges appearing in car tyres is to keep them well away from kerbs. Clip a kerb with your wheel and not only might this damage the rim, there’s a good chance it’ll cause stress on the rubber as well, which could cause a puncture at some point.

Don’t hesitate to call us at Citroen Classics if you have any concerns about the tyres on your pride and joy. Our workshop will soon have them replaced! 

Created on 6th November 2014
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