MAY 14, 2014

Places to buy a classic Citroen

Start the hunt for a classic Citroen and one of the hardest obstacles you’ll have to overcome is where to find a car in the first place.

Locating that dream motor is going to be your biggest battle, take heart though, your pride and joy is out there, you just haven’t find it yet!

To steer you in the right direction we thought we’d make a few suggestions at Citroen Classics, read our list of suggestions and you’ll be behind the wheel of a DS, SM or CX before you know it.  

  • Classic Car Magazines – This is a good option when you start to look for a classic Citroen. Get into the habit of reading Car and Classic, Practical Classic, Classic and Sports Car or one of the other specialist printed media productions and you’ll find listings in the back that advertise cars for sale. Some of the cars for sale are through private sellers others are from traders in the industry. You’ll find plenty of choice though so have fun finding your favourite model.

  • Online resources – Use the internet to track down your next classic, sites like Autotrader or Ebay advertise a wealth of classic vehicles, you can peruse pictures in full colour, read detailed descriptions, check out specifications and monitor the movement of cars online. Form a shortlist of vehicles you like the look of and go to see them in person. Online browsing is handy for searching for cars on the go.  

  • Classic Car Auctions - Take a trip to a classic car auction. Check out details online. See if you can get your hands on a catalogue which showcases the cars for sale. Auctions are good, you get to see the cars before you make a bid and can check out their details before you commit to buy.  

  • Classic Car shows – Another place to find vintage automobiles for sale. Take a trip to a classic car show, some of the exhibitors have cars for sale and you never know - you might just grab a bargain! The plus point about classic car shows is even if you don’t find your dream car it’ll still be a great day out.  

Once you find a classic Citroen we have all the parts you need to keep it running smoothly, whether you require servicing, restoration or hydraulics, we’re here for you at Citroen Classics.  


Created on 14th May 2014
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