JUN 16, 2014

The advantages of joining a classic Citroen Car club

It’s a proud moment when you buy your first classic car, get the keys in your hand and you’ll be eager to show off your pride and joy.

Once you buy a classic car there are plenty of motoring clubs you could join and this isn’t such a bad idea, it’s a good option if you want to keep your investment on the road for many years to come.

As you know, we love French automobiles at Classic Citroens and we’d recommend joining a motoring club for the following reasons.   

You meet like-minded people

Once you buy a classic car, whether it’s a Citroen or not, you become part of an elite group. Other people share your passion and enthusiasm for classic vehicles and motoring clubs host special events throughout the year where you can meet fellow enthusiasts.

Join a club and it’s a great way to ‘share the love’ whatever type of classic you plan on buying.

You can show your car off

What’s the best thing about owning a classic car?

Showing it off!

Yep, you can’t beat the feeling of having other people drooling over your car – join a classic car club and when they host events in the future you’ll be able to mix and mingle with people that take pride in their motors and get to show off your car at the same time.  

You get discounts on parts

Motoring clubs are useful if you are trying to source parts for your classic Citroen too. Take your car to a classic car rally for example and there’ll be plenty of auto jumble stalls around that are selling new and second hand parts.

Make sure you haggle with the stall owners though, don’t buy parts on face value; there are always plenty of bargains to be found.   

It makes it easier to source to hard-to-find parts

Classic car clubs are little communities, members help each other out and you’ll always be pointed in the right direction if you need to find parts in a hurry. Even those ‘difficult’ parts are easy to come by when you are part of the Citroen community, so join a classic club if you invest in a 2CV, DS or a H van.

There’s a sense of ‘belonging’

The sheer volume of people that own classic Citroens is growing all of the time so once you invest in your first DS you join an elite group of people.

Buy a classic in confidence knowing you belong. 

There'll be plenty of other people that share your passion... 

Created on 16th June 2014
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