NOV 6, 2014

There’s no stopping the humble 2CV

Would you drive a classic 2CV on a 2000 mile rally over all types of terrain? That’s what happened over the summer, a group of racing drivers and motoring enthusiasts took it upon themselves to embark on an amazing journey involving a fleet of 2CVs.

The journey began in Malaga, Spain back in May 2014 and the premise was simple - 16 heavily modified 2Cvs would be taking part in a 12-day trip covering a large square footage of Morocco.

Sounds easy? It wasn’t! 

This monumental journey would cover the Atlas Mountains, the Torda Gorge and the cars on the route had to cope with varying road and weather conditions.

As you know, 2CVs are plucky little cars and with a few modifications the vehicles on the excursion coped admirably with the conditions. They might have only had 29bhp but the tiny ‘tin snails’ covered countless dusty tracks and had to share the desert highways with a few camels.


(Image source: F Stop Press)

During this epic road trip various time trails and challenges were set just to make the journey a little more interesting. You’d have thought simply keeping the cars on the road would have been a test in itself, but the organisers wanted to really push the vehicles and their drivers.    

Support crews followed the hearty 2CVs throughout their journey and they were surprised as a minimal amount of breakdowns and mechanical issues were reported.  The Citroens coped admirably and it just goes to show, they certainly knew how to build cars to a high standard back in the day.    

We think it’d be marvellous to get involved in a project like this at Citroen Classics. Can you imagine how much fun it must have been and the sense of achievement the drivers must have experienced when they finally reached their target destination?

Get involved in a similar project and you’ll need somebody to prepare your car. This is where we could assist at Citroen Classics. Simply contact us if you plan on taking a 2CV on an extended road trip or rally at any point, we’d love to get involved in the project.  

Created on 6th November 2014
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