AUG 13, 2014

Use FLOWER power for classic car care

Owning a classic car is a pleasure, with a little routine maintenance your pride and joy will provide you with many years of delight. There’s a massive market for classic Citroens for example and for a small outlay you could be driving around in a car that’s steeped in history, looks great and is more fun to drive than a modern vehicle.    

Simple and basic maintenance should prevent problems with a classic car and to help you remember some of the essential checks you should be making on your DS, GS or 2CV, think of the acronym FLOWER and you can’t go wrong!

What does FLOWER stand for?  


Before you make any trip in a classic Citroen take a look at the fuel gauge, do you have enough petrol or diesel to complete the journey? Buy a classic car and it’s worth checking the fuel gauge is working properly, fail to check this and your maiden voyage in the vehicle could be cut short.    


Check the lights on your Citroen before you set off, particularly if you intend to drive the vehicle during poor daylight or after dark. Side lights, rear lights, headlights and main beam should all be checked, test the brake lights and indicators too. Plus it’s a good idea to test the number plate lights at the same time to avoid potential problems with the police.


Pull the dipstick in the engine on a regular basis to test the oil levels. Do this when the engine is cold and see if the oil levels are between the ‘min’ and ‘max’ marks. Just pull the dipstick, wipe it clean and reinsert it into the engine before checking again to verify the level.


Keep an eye on the cooling system in the car too. Make sure there’s plenty of water in the radiator and cooling reservoir, if the levels are low, top up and check for leaks.


A battery test should prevent problems with starting. Look after the battery on your car and pay close attention to electrical glitches. Get expert help with diagnostics where necessary, we fix plenty of electrical issues inside our workshop.


Look after the tyres on your car. They’ll keep your classic on the road so check the tread levels are above 1.6mm and search for signs of uneven wear and tear, replace the rubber where necessary and stay safe when you drive.

See, the first letter of every word forms the abbreviation ‘FLOWER’.  Use this, and keep your Citroen in first class condition.

Created on 13th August 2014
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