JUL 7, 2014

Ways to reduce wear and tear on a classic car

One of the joys of owning a classic car is getting to drive the vehicle as often as you can. Unfortunately, the more you drive the car the more parts start to wear, you can’t avoid this but you can take preventative measures to slow down the process somewhat.

Here’s what we suggest...

Trailer the car to shows

Classic Citroens are beautiful cars; own one and you’ll want to show it off. Apart from driving it locally there are plenty of classic vehicle shows to attend, these are great places to showcase cars and meet fellow enthusiasts, how are you going to get the car to the event though?

It’ll be tempting to drive the car to the showground but how much wear and tear will that cause the vehicle? Tow the vehicle on a trailer and not only do you keep the mileage down, you reduce wear on the classic, once you arrive, take the car off the trailer and get the vehicle ready to wow the crowds.

Check tyre pressures regularly

Get into the habit of checking tyre pressures before you go for a drive in your classic. 

Over or under inflated tyres can lead to premature tyre wear, get the pressure spot on and this should help to lengthen the life expectancy of the tyre.     

Change engine oil and filters

Keep on top of routine maintenance to prolong the life of the engine. Change oil and filters every few thousand miles, the cleaner you keep the oil and the filters the less wear and tear there’ll be on the power plant.

Drive smoother

Take the proactive approach to your driving style.

Set off smoothly in first gear, avoid over-revving the engine, take time with gear changes and go easy on the brakes.

Adopt a smoother driving style and this also reduces wear and tear on the vehicle, there’s no rush, take it easy and give people more opportunity to see your car.  


Created on 7th July 2014
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