MAY 14, 2014

Why owning a classic Citroen makes you smile

How much pleasure does your daily drive provide you with? Sat behind the wheel of a mundane Mondeo or a snoozy Sigma it’s hard to conjure up any feelings of happiness, you want the journey to end as quickly as possible.

It’s different when you drive a classic car. Take a spin in a DS for example and it’ll leave a large smile on your face.

What makes classics so cool though?

We think the happy factor of a classic stems from the following...

A classic car looks better  

Look at the beautiful design of a DS, SM or any other classic Citroen and you have to admit, they look gorgeous, whichever angle you view them from.  Modern cars simply don’t have the same appeal as a classic, they blend into the background and luck dull and inspiring, a classic knows how to stand out.

It feels better

Something magical happens when you start a classic car and go for a drive. The handling is unlike anything else you’ll have driven before and that’s a good thing. Sure, a spin in an automatic DS is still silky smooth but from a driver’s perspective you feel more at one with the car. As the miles roll by you’ll start to fall in love with the classic, it feels good and it makes you feel good too.  

It smells better

This can be questionable depending on the car in question but generally, there’s a distinctive odour associated with the interior of classic cars, you can smell the history of the vehicle. Some people will argue you can’t beat the smell of a new car, take a trip in a classic vehicle though and the scent is reassuring and soothing, in fact, it’s something else!  

It makes other people smile

Buy a classic and expect to receive plenty of admiring glances. People stop in the street to stare at classics. Park a classic up and people will ask you questions about the car. Take it to a classic car show and other owners will want to talk to you about the vehicle, and one thing they’ll all have in common is a smile upon their face.   

Make no mistake about it.

Owning a classic Citroen is tons of fun.

Created on 14th May 2014
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