FEB 7, 2014

Why the H van is perfect as a small businesses

If you watched ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ series on television recently you’ll have seen a French couple convert a Citroen H van into a fully equipped crepe stall. They turned a classic delivery vehicle into a mobile kitchen and planned to drive the plucky little van to countless events around the country. We thought that was a brilliant idea at Citroen Classics and really admired the pluck and courage of the couple in question.  The Citroen H van is a brilliant vehicle for conversions, we can think of 4 great reasons to convert this classic example of French motoring off the top of our heads.

  1. It’s got plenty of room – Look at the sheer size of the H van. There’s loads of room in the back of the van for equipment if you decide to convert one into a mobile food preparation vehicle. You’ll enjoy tons of headroom and plenty of work space to prepare hot food on the go!

  2. There’s a good network of conversion companies – A quick search on the internet reveals a host of conversion companies that specialise in the H van. We’d be happy to undertake a conversion for you at Citroen Classics, we love the H van and know all there is to know about this dependable work horse.

  3. They look great – People smile at H vans when they pass them on the road, they find them cute, they are naturally drawn to them, don’t be surprised if you get people waving at you when you drive a van that looks this good. H vans have character, what you would you rather use as a business, a boring modern day vehicle or a cheeky little Gallic vehicle that promotes your business in style?

  4. Parts are easy to get! You’ll never find it difficult to source parts for your H van, we’ve got everything you need at Citroen Classics to keep your mobile business on the road. Whether you need an oil change, brake cylinders or an upgrade to power steering, we have the parts and the skills to keep your H van running for years to come.

Created on 7th February 2014
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