• Chassis Repair
  • Body Panel
  • Wax Injection
work in progress
Work in progress
DS front wing below headlamp: inner skin removed to reveal the rust
front wing repair
Repair section carefully lined up with wing and bumper before tacking in place
wing profiling
Wing being profiled to make sure the curves are correct and smooth
painted panels
Panels painted ready to be flatted, polished and reassembled.

The bodywork is of your car is the bit that everyone sees and judges the car by, so for most people it’s important for it to look good.


Our body work is done to the highest standards by a craftsman with over 20 years experience restoring cars. We use traditional metal forming techniques coupled with modern technology and materials to provide the best possible repairs.


By paying particular attention to detail we make sure that the panels are thoroughly de-rusted using mechanical and chemical means, repair sections of the correct shape, either bought in or made in-house,  are then let in and then the welds cleaned up to get rid of all traces of oxidisation. The clean shiny bare metal is then etch primed as soon as possible to prevent the surface oxidising.


Panels are then profiled by hand to get the correct shape and curves and all seams sealed before being 2K primed and painted. Profiling by machine as most body shops do,  is faster, but with much poorer results, often leaving a finished panel looking like it’s been  trampled by a herd of Wildebeest before being painted! After painting and the paint has cured, the surface is then made very smooth with extremely fine (2000 grit) wet or dry paper and polished to leave a mirror like surface. You know its right when your reflection in the paint is sharp and clear, not rippled and wobbly


But that’s not the end.


When we refit the panels to your car, we always make sure the locks are clean and lubricated, the windows are adjusted and work correctly and the finished panels are thoroughly rust proofed. We often get cars in that have recently been “professionally restored” and none of the windows or doors line up properly, let alone actually lock, and usually when fixing these problems we find the nice new door bottoms are already rusting on the inside because the welds weren’t cleaned up and no wax was applied anywhere. It’s like restoring a house and then not putting a roof on – you just wouldn’t do it would you?


Our restored panels come with a lengthy anti corrosion guarantee, in some cases a life time guarantee, provided the protection we apply doesn’t get damaged.


We think that if you, the customer, is spending a bit of money to make the car look nice, you’ll only want to spend that money once, so we do a good job that lasts a long time. Simple.


For some jobs, we’ll even collect the car from you and drop it back again afterwards if required, free of charge. This can be particularly useful if you are very busy, too far away or the car isn’t roadworthy. Please ask for details.