• Chassis Repair
  • Body Panel
  • Wax Injection
cavity and underbody wax
Cavity and under body wax
wax inside a DS chassis box section
Cavity wax applied inside a DS sill
cavity wax in chassis
Cavity wax inside a freshly restored chassis
CX battery box with cavity wax
CX battery box rebuilt and protected with cavity wax

All our chassis and body repairs / restorations are rust proofed by injecting cavity wax and / or applying under body wax as a matter of course but we also rust proof cars we haven’t repaired.


Most cars will take at least a full day to do thoroughly, smaller cars like 2CV’s a bit less. First we get the car up in the air with a ground sheet underneath and clean off as much dirt and muck as possible (no point rust proofing dirt because it won’t rust anyway!) In bad cases we need to pressure wash the muck off and then the car needs to dry before we can proceed, so if yours is one of these it helps to give it a good clean under the wheel arches and floor before bringing it along. Underneath, all the chassis box sections and cavities are drilled as required in order to coat every square centimetre of the inside of every cavity with high quality cavity wax. Once that’s done and the holes plugged as required, the entire underside of the car is coated with black under body wax, including under the wheel arches.


Then we move on to the body panels and upper structure of the car. When they are done there will be cavity wax dripping from every orifice and the clean up begins as the mist and splashes from the wax get all over the outer bodywork and need to be cleaned off. Your car is then washed and waxed (polished) ready for you to collect. It will smell of the wax, but that will all but vanish in a week or 2.

I always say it’s the smell of frightened rust!


A DS will cost £750.00 +VAT for a full comprehensive rust proofing treatment, will take around 12 hours from start to finish and will consume 8 – 10 litres of cavity wax and 5 – 6 litres of under body coating. Please contact us for prices for other models.