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Citroen DS23 cylinder head replacement
Citroen DS23 cylinder head replacement
D Super 5 gearbox removed
D Super5 gearbox removed for clutch replacement
Broken clutch plate
This clutch plate was removed from an ID19. It had stopped working for some reason....
RHD DS23 efi with semi auto
DS23 EFi with front wings and bonnet removed for access
Citroen DS brake caliper
This DS21 brake pad has seen better days! The lining has come unstuck and has turned around at jammed at the bottom. Car car came in for something else and the driver hadn't noticed anything wrong!
ID20 wiring loom replacement
Replacing the main wiring loom on a 1969 model ID20
Citroen DS's are known as being quite complex cars, due to the centralised hydraulic system which can power the steering, brakes, gear change, clutch and suspension, depending on exact model, plus they are put together in an unconventional way. They require care that cannot be provided by general garages, or indeed even by general classic car garages. That’s where Citroen Classics comes in.We have over 25 years experience in repairing, restoring and maintaining Citroen D models and have the special tools and expertise to properly look after your car.
Whether your DS is being cared for in our workshop or you are doing minor repairs at home, we keep a large selection of original and quality reproduction  Citroen DS parts in stock, so that the right part is to hand when required. You can buy parts for DIY fitting either by calling us on 01784 452299 or visit our webshop and buy online.
From basic 6 monthly / 6000mile (whichever comes first) servicing to more complex maintenance tasks such as a Major Service, adjusting the valve clearances or suspension ball joint adjustment, you can be assured that Citroen Classics will do the job right first time.
A well maintained car is a reliable car and reliable cars get used with confidence. After all, what use is a car that doesn’t get used for fear it might break down? Don't take your car out in the rain in case it rusts? Visit our body shop page to see why this needn't be the case.
Some of the more common jobs we do on Citroen D models are:
Hydraulic System: Fluid changes (either LHM or the earlier LHS2 fluid - we keep both in stock), accurate diagnosis of Citroen hydraulic problems including short pump cycle times and fast sinking of the suspension, we manufacture and fit new hydraulic pipes, semi-automatic gear change adjustments and diagnosis / repair of problems, replacement of perished and leaking rubber components such as hoses, seals and gaiters, sphere replacement and in fact any problem at all concerning the hydraulic system.
Engine: Whether you have a DS19, DS20, DS21, DS23 or any of their derivatives, we can do anything from changing the oil and filter to a high quality engine rebuild. Running problems? We can diagnose, service, adjust and repair the ignition system and fuel system - carburettor or Bosch fuel injection. We can also supply and fit electronic ignition for smoother, more economical motoring.
Rattly tappets, engine mountings, timing chain, clutch, water pump and hoses are all common jobs we do to D models. We have the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose and repair your car.
Gearbox: We do anything from adjustment of controls and linkage, oil changes, bearing and seal replacement to full gearbox rebuilds. We have rebuilt many DS gearboxes over the years, preferring to do these ourselves rather than farming them out.  We do not usually keep rebuilt exchange gearboxes in stock as we would rather repair the faults in your gearbox and refit it.
Suspension and Steering: Ball joint adjustment and replacement, track rod replacement, steering rack leaks, wheel bearings, steering relay repair / adjustment / replacement, suspension cylinder, pushrod and gaiter repairs, height corrector repair and replacement. Suspension height setting and correct linkage adjustment.
Brakes: Pad and disc replacement, machining of shuddery discs, brake shoe replacement, adjustment and centralisation, park brake adjustment and cable replacement. Delay between applying the brake and the car braking? No problem, we can easily fix this.
Remember, Citroen DS's and ID's are complex pieces of precision machinery which we are privileged to have the temporary care of before we pass them on to their next custodian. They deserve to be preserved and maintained for the next generation to enjoy, so don't let them down. Need advice, technical or otherwise? No problem, we are happy to help - just call or email.