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Exhaust repairs on Citroen H Van
Repairing H Van exhaust
H Van in workshop
This H has seen better days!
Citroen H Van outside Citroen Classics workshop
Aother busy day at Citroen Classics.
Split screen H van
Earlier model H van emerging from the workshop


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At Citroen Classics we can transform even the oldest, most neglected and tired Citroen H van into an ideal delivery or marketing vehicle, even a roomy camper or catering van. With access to a huge range of H van parts we can return your Citroen H van (often referred to as the HY, type H or H-Type) to its original condition, even improve it with modern technology and improved H van parts if required. From its debut in 1947, the Citroen HY van quickly gained a reputation as a no-nonsense and exceptionally resilient vehicle that offered huge carrying capacity for its size, and was quickly adopted by businesses looking to regain their feet after the Second World War.


At Citroen Classics we love the Citroen H van, and offer a wide range of services to keep your HY van on the road and in tip-top condition. Due to some of the H’s limitations it’s imperative that the oil is changed every 6 months or 6000 miles due to the lack of oil filter, and to prevent excessive engine wear as a result. From a straightforward oil change to a full engine or gearbox rebuild, we have many years of experience working on, in, and under Citroen H vans - helping H van enthusiasts to enjoy their distinctive vehicle whatever they use it for.


We’ve become experts in improving Citroen HY vans - and we’re able to upgrade engine performance to get you up the hills without the H’s typical power drop off, and provide heavier-rated brakes if you’re using your Citroen H van for deliveries or have added extra weight such as catering equipment. The original brakes also have a tendency to seize if the H is parked for too long, and we can fit stainless steel sleeved brake cylinders that can prevent this. We believe our ability to source original and improved H van parts is unrivalled and we’ll be happy to discuss any request you have for even the hardest to find H van parts, just speak to one of our experts and they’ll be able to help you.


We’re sure you’ll save time and money with Citroen Classics - for example, many garages will use a modern GL5 oil in your Citroen H van’s gearbox, not knowing that this will ruin the bronze synchros - a problem that will be put down to age or normal wear and tear, leaving you to foot the bill. With our in-depth and expert knowledge we know the Citroen HY van inside and out, and offer first-class repair, servicing and restoration, we can even provide a sympathetic upgrade to power steering and improve the driving experience significantly!


Whether you need H van parts, servicing or a full restoration of a Citroen H van, call Citroen Classics today and we’ll be happy to discuss your H van with you.

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