• Chassis Repair
  • Body Panel
  • Wax Injection
Rusted chassis
Rusted chassis with rusted patches!
Box section repair
Replacing the bottom of the sill on an ID19
new sill metal
Repair section for bottom of sill being matched up prior to welding
new sill
Nice new shiny sill and jacking point area prior to being zinc painted, sealed and painted black

Labour rate: The bodyshop labour rate varies depending on the size of the job we are asked to do. Generally, the bigger the job, the lower the hourly rate. The rate will typically be between £45.00 and £55.00 excluding VAT.


The chassis of most classic cars were never made to last a long time and classic Citroens are no different. The DS in particular has a nice strong chassis, but it was never sealed and protected properly at the factory which is why they are often a bit rotten now. Unfortunately most repairs done to the chassis over the years haven’t been any better and have only made the problem worse.


Our chassis and structure repairs replace rusted steel rather than patching over, resulting in a stronger and better protected structure than it has ever been from new.  We always try to make the repair as tidy and invisible as possible and of course they are always properly sealed and protected inside and out.

There’s no point spending money to do the repair if it’s only going to get a bit of aerosol black squirted over it as it will be rusted again in 6 months meaning you’ve wasted your money.


Whether it’s the chassis underneath, the windscreen surround, roof frame, bumper mountings or any other part of your Citroen, we can fix it better than new and guarantee it will last longer than the original factory finish. In the case of a 2CV, many times longer!

Have a look at our gallery for examples of previous repairs we've done to chassis and our Flikr page has plenty more examples of our work.

Why not contact us and arrange to bring your car down for a quote on repairing it’s structural deficiencies? You might even get a cup of tea or coffee, but you bring the chocolate biscuits – we are happy to accept bribes of that sort!

Booking your car in for structural or body work:

We run a queue system for bodyshop work, the same as we've now also had to adopt for the mechanical workshop. As a testament to the quality of the work we do, our body shop queue is usually no shorter than 12 months (at the time of writing in June 2012, the end of the body shop queue is approx November 2013), however for smaller jobs we are usually able to slot you into the queue between larger restoration jobs. Contact us to discuss when we can fit your job in.